Barry’s Gift (2002)

Metropolis Pictures Entertainment

Metropolis Pictures Entertainment, Inc. was a film production company originally from Baltimore Maryland. The company incorporated in Los Angeles California in 2007 and dissolved in 2015. Reported revenue for the company is at less than $100 for each fiscal year.

Feature films include Barry’s Gift (2002), Johnny Come Lately (2004), Night Cry (2005), The Tango Dancer (2006), Dodge City (2007), Never on Sunday (2009), Poe (2010), and Less Than a Whisper (2015).

Francis Xavier Jones, Michael Kureth, and JoAnn Smith are listed as the owners of the company. Francis Xavier Jones holds credit for writing and directing the company’s films. Michael Kureth is listed as financing all business expenses and entirely financing the majority of all films. Kureth additionally provided for Jones, Smith, and thier family since the company was unprofitable.